Il rapporto della maestra di Bill Hicks alla scuola materna

THE LITTLE HOUSE IN THE FOREST KINDERGARTEN and NURSERY SCHOOL Bill is a happy well adjusted little boy. He mixes well with the children and plays happily with them. He has a wonderful new friend this year in the person of John Vance. Bill and John are constantly together, and if either one is to listen to the teacher, they must be separated… what they have to say to each other is much more important than anything a big person might want them to hear. Bill does good work always, but he has never learned to be quiet at quiet time..but that will come. I sincerely hope that Bill will have a First Grade Teacher who will challenge him to the fullest, so that he will be so interested in learning so many new things there just won’t be any time to just talk. The boys in the class have enjoyed the many nice toys Bill has shared with them this year. I have enjoyed having bill in my class very much.

Il rapporto della maestra di Bill Hicks alla scuola materna


Scritto da Stand Up Comedy Italia

Stand Up Comedy Italia, con i suoi 50.000 fan su Facebook (e migliaia di lettori giornalieri sul sito), è la più grande community italiana dedicata all'umorismo Stand Up. Da quando è stata fondata nel 2014 dal comico Nicola Selenu, Stand Up Comedy Italia ha organizzato oltre 300 spettacoli umoristici in tutta Italia, ospitando i più interessanti comici italiani in circolazione ed è per questo diventata il punto di riferimento per gli spettacoli umoristici di qualità sul territorio nazionale.

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